Last Things (180 gram)

Last Things (180 gram)


We are proud to present our new album: "Last Things"
The essence of the album is Siril Malmedal Hauges beautiful voice and Jacob Youngs guitar-playing. 
All done in an elegant, often understated way - in a constant conversation. 

If you like Melody Gardot, Eva Cassidy, Ella Fitzgerald or Chet Baker - chances are you will dig this too!

The production of the album is sober and transparant and really shows the strenght of Sirils phrasing and delivery of intertextual meaning - or storytelling. 
The album consists of 10 songs penned by both legendary and contemporaries composers like Lennon - McCartney “I Will”, “Lilac Wine” James Shelton, “Skylark” Hoagy Charmichael and fellow Norwegian composer Bendik Hofseth on a rendition of his beautiful song "Deep River". 
This is the third album from the local Oslo label, Oslo Session Recordings - once again they present us with something different - a jazzalbum that even pop music lovers will accept and can embrace. 

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